Island Diamonds

More than just a guide

Our product

With our application, you have the opportunity to see all important information about the hotel you are staying at. You can sit back and listen to one of our exciting podcasts, which describe important parts of the area's history and sights. You can also find exactly the experience you want by using the App's filter function in relation to vegan, vegetarian, child-friendly, etc. Island Diamonds also helps you find the fastest route from your location to the desired place via our navigation system.
Should you wish to visit more of our offers for great experiences, the App also contains a to-do list function.
You will also find an updated event calendar in the app, here you can enter the dates of your stay and get a full overview of what is happening on these dates.

We are dedicated to develop an offline user-friendly application and obliged to keep our product both on systemdevelopment and information.
We strive for present and trusting relationship with our customers to fulfill their wishes quickly and easily.


June Hummelgaard

founder, director, day-to-day operations

Jakob Wilbrand Pirk

co-owner, consultant and developer